Liege Waffles


Our waffles have their roots in the city of Liege, Belgium where they have been a favorite street-food for centuries. There are basically two types of Belgian waffles; Brussels (the one we are all familiar with) and Liege.  Liege waffles are yeast dough based, and studded with special Belgian pearl sugar.   When cooked on our imported Belgian waffle irons, the result is a waffle that is denser and sweeter than a Brussels waffle, with sugar that stays crunchy while tender inside and melts to cover the outside with caramelized goodness.  This sugary coating means they do not need any syrup or other toppings.  In fact, Belgians prefer these handheld treats unadorned.  We suggest that you also try our waffles "naked" the first time, then add one or two of our specially selected toppings for a further indulgence.   

Waffle'n Joe also provides a Gluten-free Vegan Liege Waffle for our customers with special diet preferences. You deserve an indulgence as much as anyone (maybe more).  It is seriously good...