Waffle'n Joe's coffee roasts of the day

An artisan, small batch, Roastery. 

             Today's roasts


Below you will find today's offerings of single origin coffees from the three major growing regions in the world.  Along with the country of origin our flavor icons identify what you can expect to taste,  general characteristics, and acidity level.   


South American

Brazillian Mog banner (2017_09_21 14_21_07 UTC).jpg


sidamo dcf insert.JPG

AsiaN Pacific

Flores Bajawan web Banner.jpg

Our roaster will also be happy to make a blend from today's roasts at the strength you prefer, or try our wonderful house blend      

Decaf drinkers will also find that they no longer need to be jealous of their caffeinated friends because our City+ Ethiopian Sidamo Decaf is so good that people can't believe it is decaf.