At Waffle'n Joe our goal is to:

  •  Change the way you experience coffee. By providing coffee that is artisan roasted, highlighting and celebrating its individual aroma and taste, we will help you to enjoy coffee in a new way. Whether it is a single source cup, your own special blend, or our celebrated house blend.

  • Provide educational opportunities for you to find your perfect cup. We invite you to our tastings. Similar to a wine tasting this experience will help you identify attributes of individual coffee varietals, roasts, and different growing regions. You can then find your favorite coffee, creating your own custom blend. 

  •  Give you the opportunity to indulge yourself (yes, you do deserve it!). Liege waffles are unlike any other waffle on earth. A tender, buttery, sugar studded miracle, and a perfect accompaniment for our superb coffees.

  • Be good neighbors.  We do this by making ecologically responsible decisions in the packaging and products we provide. We also committed to local sourcing where possible and fair agricultural practices.

Joseph Giubardo  Owner and Lead Roaster

Steve Germack Roaster & Customer Support

Susan Giubardo  Owner and Waffle Magician

Riley Human Resources